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Planning Application 48-50 Dukes Ride ref: "14/01073"

PA 14/01073 FUL Map

This is for a large block of 33 apartments for our aging population. It appears overlarge and out of character with the local street scene with unsatisfactory parking. CVAG will oppose it. Both Wokingham Without and Crowthorne parish councils have asked for an extension to the time they need to discuss it.

Target Determination Date: 22 Dec 2014
Determination Deadline: 26 Jan 2015

To view the planning application go to Bracknell Forest Council View planning applications and use reference above.

Waterloo Hotel plans

Waterloo Hotel

As you may be aware a retirement home company is developing plans for the Waterloo Hotel site. This is all we currently know of the situation, apart from the fact that just this week the site appears to be in the process of being surrounded by fencing, and this has been taken up by CVAG with the BFC planning enforcement department as yet no planning application has been submitted.

The Waterloo Hotel

Waterloo Hotel

The waterloo hotel is up for sale, we understand that a care home company is interested but nothing is decided. cvag will continue to monitor the situation so that the village does not lose one of the earliest victorian buildings and our first hotel.

My visit to the prototype Broadmoor bedroom - John McNab (CVAG).

On Tuesday 27th January I visited the prototype Broadmoor bedroom on behalf of CVAG. I was a member of an invited tour, but in fact there were only two of us, the other being councillor Richard Price.

The bedroom is situated on a piece of spare ground right in the middle of the old hospital, so that patients can be (and have been) shown it and give their views.

We were asked to attend 15 minutes early to complete the security checks – and it took 15 minutes including the taking of electronic finger prints – then our guide Anne Hoffman took us through countless locked gates before reaching the site.

The bedroom is created outside and brought onto site in modules, so that it can be quickly assembled and lined up with many similar rooms on more than one storey. There will be a wide corridor on the inside and the window of every room will face the outside world, albeit mostly looking towards the rooms on the opposite side of the V shaped block. The windows are large and do not have bars (though they are of very thick unbreakable glass and have no means of being opened.) The outlook will be green space, albeit bounded by the security wall.

The room is light and airy and in many ways like a hotel room with a single bed in it. Apparently patients who have viewed it think that it will be a wonderful improvement.

Because of the overall plan to have V shaped blocks the side walls are very slightly not parallel. In the corner to the side of the door is a wet room containing shower, toilet and washbasin, exaggerating the "not quite parallel" effect. The bed is located with its foot nearest the door and the head under the window, with about a three or four foot space along each side. On the side containing the wet room is a blackboard for the resident to draw on with chalk and in the corner there are shelves for clothes (etc.) .On the opposite wall is a writing shelf with a blue notice board above it. The main room colour is a gentle pastel shade, which apparently can be different in different rooms. The plan is also for the external walls to be of varying colours to give a more pleasing visual effect.

It all looks very nice, but on closer scrutiny the security aspects are very apparent, There are no handles, knobs, hooks etc. There is a curtain into the wet room but no door. The room door has a panel through which food (etc.) would be passed. There are observation windows into the main room and the wet room. The blackboard and notice board are in fact really painted rectangles on the wall so there is nothing to be unscrewed and used as a weapon.

… And so on – as one would expect in such an institution.

So – a big step forward in comfort and humanity to the patients, but not a "hotel" one would choose for more than a day or so.

Feedback from the public meeting

On the 8 th October we held a public meeting to inform people about proposed development in and around Crowthorne. We were pleased to welcome 66 people to this meeting who were able to look at the many plans and discuss the issues that are of concern to us all.

Matters raised at the meeting were:
  • The lack of health care provision once we get all the new residents.
  • The problems that will be caused due to the increase in traffic.
  • Road systems and changes proposed . For example, we were informed that improvements to the junctions around TRL are to be made before any building starts.
  • Bus routes.
  • Whether the traffic modelling figures should be up-dated since the ones used are now completely out of date, pre dating the Jennett's Park junction.
  • The possibility of having a Neighbourhood Plan for the whole of Crowthorne.
  • Having a community forum to oversee the developments like the ones in Wokingham.
  • Whether the green gaps between Crowthorne and Wokingham, and Crowthorne and Bracknell are considered important areas to both Councils.

Borough and Parish Councillors attended the meeting and were there to answer questions and to note all the concerns that people expressed about these issues. Representatives from all the major developers were invited but it was only Bewley Homes, who are currently hoping to build on part of the Charities Land opposite the entrance to the proposed Legal and General development on the TRL site, who sent a representative

After hearing what the councils "hoped" to do in regard to the developments, one comment stood out as being an important thought we should take away from the meeting

"Hope is not a strategy"

It is clear that Crowthorne is going to be swamped by all the new development in and around the village so CVAG aims to have a public meeting at least once a year so that villagers can be better informed about what is happening. Please attend these and also join CVAG so we have a better chance to speak for the whole of the village.

Application to build 2000 new dwellings on the Arborfield Garrison ref: "O/2014/2280"

Traffic from such a large development will surely be a problem as it will probably add to the East/ West transition in mornings and evenings to and from to M3 and M4 junctions. Details of Public Exhibition Sat 22 Nov at Nine Mile Ride School 3-5pm about the Arborfield Strategic Development Location (3,500 homes, secondary school etc.)
Deadline for Comments: 05/12/2014

To view the planning application go to Wokingham Borough Council Search planning applications online and use reference above.


Bracknell Planning department

BFC, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to stop sending out weekly list of planning applications. This does seem to be a retrograde step in terms of open government and consultation with the community. The information is available on the web but the onus is now on residents to check regularly. They can be accessed via the Bracknell Forest web site. www.bracknell-forest.gov.uk/viewplanningapplications Please alert us to any applications that you are concerned about.