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You Can Join In.

We are still looking for other members to join us for a couple of hours every now and then on the CVAG committee.

Mar 2016

Planning Applications Updates

  • 16/00164/FUL 93 Dukes Ride. This is to replace one property with for three houses. Access out onto Dukes Ride.

  • 15/01261/FUL Edwards. CPC have objected. CVAG to write our objection to this as it is of great concern.

  • 15/01269/FUL Mango Tree. Again CPC have objected and CVAG will object. This building is in the conservation area.

Mar 2016

Areas to keep an eye on

Oaklands. This is a large house on the site of Oaklands farm which will probably be sold to developers.

Watts land. This site is still for sale so we need to keep an eye on what happens there.

Please read the applications listed here and object or comment on them on the Bracknell web site.

Mar 2016

Crowthorne Neighbourhood Plan

CPC will be producing this plan for the Crowthorne Parish but it will not include a large part of the village that falls within Wokingham Without. CVAG will help with this task.

Mar 2016

Land West of Old Wokingham Road - Charities Woodland

Planning permission was formally granted by both Wokingham and Bracknell Forest Borough Councils last week (18th March 2016). Initial ecological preparatory works have begun and the site will be fenced off in the next 4-8 weeks. The developer, Bewley Homes, has promised to limit disruption to existing residents.

Mar 2016

Cricket Field Grove

This land at Broadmoor has now been sold to Barratt's who will be putting in an application soon for the new homes on this site.

Mar 2016

You Can Join In

Please put your minds to what you think has, or will, improve the village under one of the three 'A's Atmosphere, Appearance or Ambiance. Also perhaps it might be an idea to ask your Parish Councils to Acknowledge the person or group who initiated this awareness

CVAG’s 2016 AGM will be on Wednesday evening 27th April at Woodmancote at 7.30. More details about speakers nearer the date.

We are still looking for other members to join us for a couple of hours every now and then on the CVAG committee.

Use the "Join Us" link above

Feb 2016

The Future

As we enter 2016, we still see developers putting in unreasonable plans around our village. We understand this is because of an apparent short fall in Bracknell Forest Council’s 5 year Land Supply (see below**). It seems possible that current ideas have had to be revised to accommodate more developments. In contrast it appears that neighbouring Wokingham BC have not had this problem.

It is noted that, together with the above planning issue, both Bracknell and Wokingham are preparing their separate NEW Local Comprehensive Plans. We hope to come up with a pro-active scheme that will ensure that in the future Crowthorne Village is considered as a single entity in the Local Comprehensive Planning of both boroughs.

Nearly 10 years ago, after consulting all villagers, CVAG produced a Village Design Statement. We are intending to use this to better influence future developments. This ‘Village Plan’ will not only highlight the village’s characteristics but, in addition, indicate buildings and features that should be protected either as flora and fauna or as historic entities. We already have listed Broadmoor and Wellington College within the compass of Crowthorne, in addition to the Special Protected Areas.

**Local Government Association" Why does my council need a five-year housing land supply?

  • To help with boosting the supply of housing, the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires local planning authorities to identify and keep up-to-date a deliverable five year housing land supply. Without this, even recently adopted planning policies for the supply of housing will be considered out of date (NPPF para 49).
  • This is particularly important given that the NPPF states that where relevant policies are out-of-date, permission should be granted unless any adverse impacts outweigh the benefits, or other policies indicate otherwise, when assessed against the NPPF (paragraph 10).
  • Having an understanding of supply is also key to fulfilling the NPPF requirement to demonstrate the expected rate of housing delivery and how housing targets will be met (paragraph 47). The message is clear. If you don't have a deliverable five year housing land supply, you are at risk, even if you have an adopted Core Strategy / Local Plan.

Feb 2016

Planning Application Updates

  • The planning application 15/00440/FUL for the large assisted living development by a developer on the Waterloo Hotel site was pre-emptively withdrawn from BFC Planning Committee meeting. We still hope that by talking to the developer the facade of the historic characteristically Victorian Hotel building can be rescued. CVAG have been told that Bracknell does not have a list of local heritage buildings and that the heritage officer has left! CVAG realise it will now need to push for the urgent safeguarding of the missing officer’s duties.

  • Application 153326 for the erection of a single house on the rear gardens of 15 Rowan Drive with access onto Old Sawmill Lane was refused last week after local residents expressed serious concern.

  • The original application 15/01082/FUL for 48-50 Dukes Ride to replace two large residences with thirty two assisted living flats has been revised. The applicant is now applying to build underground parking due to insufficient space for the required ground level parking. Because of the possibility of flooding from a high ground water level and also underground streams that network beneath the village, we wonder if underground parking is a sustainability issue.

  • There is a Planning Application (15/01261/FUL) to demolish Edwards shop and 2 adjacent cottages (at the top of the High Street) and replace them with 2 shops and 13 flats. Pollution in the High Street is already close to the permitted government limits so we question putting yet more high buildings in the road.

  • A planning application for 4 flats (15/01269/FUL) has been registered for the Mango Tree restaurant, housed in a beautiful Victorian property. It is within the Church Street Conservation Area so the design criteria must be to change as little as possible of the existing building. The applicant wants change of use to four flats. Along the same street the Waterloo Hotel is due to be lost to Residential use. It is unfortunate that Crowthorne is slowly losing amenities such as a hotel and a restaurant.

  • Other large planning developments from previous years will still be monitored throughout 2016 by CVAG. i.e. The TRL site, The Charity Land, and The Pineridge Caravan Park

Feb 2016

Crowthorne Parish Council - Three Year Strategy Plan

Crowthorne Parish Council is to produce a Three Year Strategy Plan for Crowthorne Parish which will not only focus on the activities and services delivered by the Parish Council but will include services delivered by the Borough Council where the Parish Council can hope to influence decisions in the future.

Crowthorne Parish Council is consulting with local residents to obtain your views and comments.

The consultation period runs from 4th December 2015 to 22nd January 2016

More information and a link to the online form can be found at www.crowthorne.parishcouncil.net

Planning Applications of Note

Wokingham Without (South Wokingham Distributor Road - Eastern Gateway)

This "Eastern Gateway" is to link the A329 with the proposed developments south of the railway line. These developments cannot be built until this link road (which includes a bridge over the railway line and the closure of the Waterloo level crossing) are complete. The road and bridge need to be in place before the level crossing is scheduled to be closed by Network Rail on 31/03/2018. Details designs and planning applications are expected to be produced early in 2016 to meet this deadline.

The Charity Land Development

The developers will be passing the SANG land within this development back into the ownership of the Charity. This is an unusual procedure so with our contacts we will continue to monitor this situation and report back to you. Our fear is that at some time in the future they will sell the SANG land rather than keep and maintain it to the required national standard.

A residential home 48-50 Dukes Ride PA 15/01082/FUL

A new application is in now for this as the previous PA was refused due to a single overriding reason. There is little if any change to the totally dominant, unsightly building but they now propose underground parking. The plans appear to be based on OS maps and do not show the extension to a neighbouring building so BFBC have needed again to measure the site. The new building will continue to be out of keeping with the surrounding buildings. CVAG will overhaul its original CVAG objection and send it in by the mid December due date, which we advise you do the same.

The Hideout housing and "Outreach Hub" PA 15/00826/OUT

The latest news is that the Planning Officer is recommending refusal for a long list of reasons that include highways, non-sustainable location, SANG, biodiversity, archaeology, etc, etc and is writing to the applicant accordingly. A new "determination date" has been agreed 30th March 2016 to allow the applicant to address some of the concerns. Thanks to all members who objected, we have a few month’s grace We will monitor this application with no further action at this time. Pro-tem we will contact the Campaign for the Protection of the Rural England CPRE, that CVAG have membership, to find out about our local group’s concern about the building on this green ‘separation’ land that is outside BFBC current plan for housing.

CVAG's objection to Planning Application 15/00756/FUL

CVAG have sent an objection to the above Planning Application. You can download it below.

Objection to the 73 Dukes Ride application by CVAG