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CVAG Response to the Site Allocations Development Plan
CVAG have submitted a response to the Bracknell Forest Council’s SADPD. We contend that the proposed allocation of housing through to 2026 in the Bracknell SADPD is neither legally compliant, since it is not prepared in accordance with national and local policies, nor is it justified since the evidence base is neither sound nor credible.
CVAG Response Final
Crowthorne Village Design Statement (VDS)
Published by CVAG in full consultation with Crowthorne residents, a comprehensive, living document reflecting residents’ views, changes in the village and in the regulations that affect development.
crowthorne village design statement
Site Allocations Development Plan Document (SADPD)
A plan to allocate sites to accommodate growth in Bracknell Forest up to 2026. Whilst the main driver of the SADPD is housing, it also considers sites for supporting infrastructure, employment and retail uses amongst other issues.
Special Protection Area (SPA)
Map of the local SPA buffer zones.
SPA buffer zones
Thames Basin Heaths (SPA)
Supplementary planning document appendix 2: Appropriate Assessment
appendix 2 appropriate assessment
Broadmoor Tree Map
Detailed map showing which trees are to be removed and retained
Broadmoor Tree Removal
CVAG Membership form Membership Form
CVAG Constitution document Constitution 2017
Woodland Trust Booklet
A guide to what are ancient, veteran and other trees of special interest.
Woodland Trust Booklet

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