CVAG aims

CVAG aims to maintain Crowthorne’s rural village ambience, encouraging future development to be in keeping with the area and appropriate infrastructure to be provided to support population growth.

Crowthorne village is unusual in being administered by three parish councils and two district councils. This is due to its historical positioning sitting astride a boundary at a crossroads in Windsor Great Forest. It means that no one council has entire jurisdiction over it.

CVAG is a non-political association of Crowthorne residents whose major concern is the well-being of the whole village. Diverse and from all walks of life, we joined forces in alarm at some recent, out of keeping developments that led to negative impact on traffic congestion, parking, school places and doctors’ surgeries. We share a desire to see the village evolve in a way that won’t spoil it for all who live here.

What CVAG does

Not elected and with no formal role in the decision making process of either council, we try to:

  • keep abreast of - and update supporters - on new developments
  • ensure residents’ concerns are heard by decision makers
  • influence decision makers on the nature, sustainability and infrastructure concerns relating to future development.

CVAG is a non-profit organisation and all committee members are unpaid volunteers pooling skills and resources. Membership fees are used for administrative costs. Please join and make us a stronger voice. A copy of our constitution can be viewed here.