Charities Land Development Crowthorne

Application Ref. F/2014/1561 (WBC) & 14/01201/FUL (BFC)

Area: Crowthorne
Address: Land West Of Old Wokingham Road Old Wokingham Road Wokingham Berkshire
Proposal: Proposed erection of 116 dwellings with associated access, highways works, drainage works (SUDS), open space and landscaping, including provision of Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space (SANG). (Duplicate application submitted to neighbouring authority).

Approved September 2015, planning consent and legal agreement signed March 2016

Preparatory works (including fencing of construction site and ecological mitigation measures started March 2016)


Bewley Homes have secured permission for 116 homes for the Charities Woodlands site, behind Hatch Ride and opposite the TRL Site (1,000 houses planned).

CVAG and others objected strongly to this development based on insufficient infrastructure to support the cumulative effect of both this development and the TRL 1000 homes.

Bewley Homes have promised to listen closely resident concerns and a representative from Bewley Homes attended the CVAG AGM in April 2016 to answer questions from members. In addition they are in the process of establishing :-

  • A website providing details of the development
  • A community liaison group (to include a representative from CVAG)
to ensure disruption to local residents is kept to a minimum.

The Charities Land proposal contains NO PLANS for additional infrastructure, assuming that TRL "will pick up the tab". Wokingham Borough doesn’t "need" the homes to make its quota, as it has already identified sufficient sites (with planning permission). We asked questions about the loss of trees, concerns over traffic, flooding and healthcare.

The concerns we raised around traffic, flooding and healthcare in particular have been shown to be well-founded if not worse than we originally imagined:

  1. Increasing traffic volumes along Old Wokingham Road / Nine Mile Ride – not surprising with the recently confirmed data provided by Wokingham BC (91%) and b)Wokingham Without (95%) have the highest levels of households with a car in the UK. It appears that the TRL traffic models were built before this data (from the 2011 Census) was available, so we are asking what the impact would be of re-running the numbers with more accurate numbers
  2. The particularly wet winter of 2014 (and summer!) is predicted to become the new "normal" that we urgently need to use in "planning" for the future.
  3. Healthcare provision – at the time of writing (Jan 2015), this is a daily national news item. We also learned something of the labyrinthine NHS/Local Authority/CCG organisations responsible for determining even primary healthcare requirements.