Transport Research Labatory (TRL) Planning Application PA 13/00575/OUT

Despite our objections, in 2015 BFC granted outline planning permission to Legal & General (L&G), for a major redevelopment of the trl site, including 1,000 new homes. at the time, cvag objected to the scale of the development, concerned about the impact of all those extra residents on the village infrastructure and the huge loss of trees. we asked that the plan be reduced in size so it can be better integrated with the community. however the outline application was approved in its entirety and work has now started on the site.

The complete site will incorporate;

The SANG, (Site of Alternative Natural Greenspace) is a legal requirement as the new homes will be within 5km of Crowthorne woods, a designated Special Protection Area (SPA).

TRL Approved Land Use
PDF version available below.

The site will be developed from the South West to the North East, keeping construction vehicles entering from Nine mile Ride on the North away from new residents accessing from Old Wokingham Road on the West.

The construction will happen in phases.
The current timetable is ;

2016: Demolition of existing buildings, removing hazardous material such as asbestos.
Hardcore will be kept and re-used on site to reduce construction traffic.
Preparation of the SANG commences.
2017: Construction of new access onto Nine mile ride
Construction of homes commences, with construction vehicles using new access from Nine Mile Ride.
School construction starts.
2018: First homes ready for occupation.
School opens.

In parallel, BFC is committed to making necessary infrastructure improvements to help Crowthorne to accommodate such a large additional development. We’ve already seen the redevelopment of the Nine Mile Ride junction at Coral Reef. Other improvements such as improvements to the roundabout at the Golden Retriever will follow. It remains to be seen whether these local enhancements will be effective or whether the problem just moves to along to the next pinch point.

In a positive step, L&G have retained a PR agency, Quatro, to handle liaison with local groups. Quatro have set up a local stakeholders group , including CVAG. In May 2016, Quatro sent a newsletter to 5,000 local residents, a copy of which can be seen here

PA 13/00575/OUT APPROVED LAND USE 2341904

June 2016